Custom Work Inquiry

Interested in a Custom Beaded Strand or Two? 
To get started, email me here using the portal at the bottom of this page.  Please include the following in your email.

- The most important information you can give, to help me design your beading is the "Why", so tell me what will these beads represent to you?

Is this a Mourning piece, a meditation, a piece of psychic armor, or a much needed gift for yourself or a beloved?  This will help me to get a better idea of how I can be of service to you and how to design your custom beading. Every custom strand I make is Special and One of a Kind, Because the lives I make them for are as well. 

- What style of beading are you interested in?

Modern Mourning Beads, Memento Mori Beads, An Original Strand of Beads or a non-traditional Rosary.

Once I receive your inquiry I will email you with a couple more questions so I can start designing a bead strand just for you. I am sure you have plenty of questions, so please checkout my Custom Work FAQ page to learn more about my process. 

Thank You so much for reaching out - I look forward to creating something just for you.

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