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Protect the Living. Honor the Dead.
Objects that connect the living and the dead, mourning and remembrance, both past and present. All of my work has an element of commemorating death in some way. Some aspects are very subtle, others with purpose. My Guardian Eye pendants are not only to be viewed as protective talismans for the living, but to honor the death of animals they represent. By using the same glass eyes as taxidermist do to preserve the animals life after its death, we are reminded that these animal lives are fleeting and need to be protected, just as the talisman may protect the wearer. The Memento Mori pieces also carry the same reflection of life and death through use of bone, claw and skull using small reliquaries to contain and honor the bones. Reliquaries were thought to provide a spiritual link between life and death, and have often been used to hold holy relics such as the bones of saints. By using and wearing these animal bones we signify the love of Nature and the need to Protect all Creatures.
In my Modern Mourning pieces, I use beading patterns of the past and antique beads when possible, mirroring shapes and sizes of beadwork as well as playing off mourning fashions of the late 1800's and early 1900's. The gemstone beads I use in my work are believed to have protective or healing properties, giving aid in the grieving process and bringing harmony to us in times of sadness. I believe that death should not be shunned but embraced, we as a modern society have lost an integral part in our ability to process death, dying and mourning. With my work I would like to contribute to bringing death and mourning back to a comfortable place in our day to day lives.

Currently my work can be found at The Weeping Glass in Pittsburgh PA, as well as Memento Mori in Los Angeles CA.

In 2021 I returned for the second year as a vendor in The Order of the Good Death  Mortals' Market, a virtual marketplace showcasing Death Positive Artists and Creatives. 


In 2019 my work was shown at Ghost Light Gallery in New Orleans. The 2019 Guardian Eye collection was shown amongst other talented artists Such as Jamie Winn, Julie Zarate and Briana Dufresne. Ghost Light Galley 2709 Saint Claude, New Orleans, LA. 

I have also showed my work at The Death Salon Boston 2018 in their Death Positive marketplace on the grounds of the Mount Auburn Cemetery. To learn more about the Death Salon please go to https://deathsalon.org/ 

My work has been featured on Death and the Maiden. Read more about my Modern Mourning Jewelry at

I feel it is important to give back to what inspires my art, so a percentage of All Sales from my work go to Animal and Environmental Charities. I also am a proud supporter of small online business. Over 80% of my supplies come from small shops like my own. Not only does this help fellow small businesses, but it keeps my work individual and my designs fresh. This has also allowed my work to be showcased at shops like The Weeping Glass in Pittsburgh PA, Memento Mori in Los Angeles, Necromance in Hollywood, CA., Bizarre Bazaar in Pittsburgh PA.  Shopping small and selling at small businesses is an integral part of my business philosophy.

For more information please contact laurelwitting@gmail.com

or go to my ETSY shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaurelWittingDesigns

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